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Photo Feature of the Week: President Medvedev is a Photographer Too, Apparently

At RUSSIA!, we've known about Medvedev's little hobby for a long time now. This week we've been tipped off by LiveJournal to share a gallery of Medvedev's photography from his personal site, with our favorites up front. Never mind our sparse side comments. Let's hear yours!



Medvedev discovers photoshop/LSD/another planet.

Nice angle (a.k.a. private plane perks).

Medvedev's sensitive side in shallow-focus-flower form.

The very Russian "birches in the winter" scene: landscape patriotism?

Medvedev has an eye for composition. And he's watching you from his window!

Medvedev à la David Lynch.


From the summer album:

From the winter album:

Around the country:

Around the world:

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"Medvedev discovers photoshop/LSD/another planet." Well, I lol'ed.
Agreed. Best cutline all week.
I loled too!
Where is that little Kremlin located, in which town? I mean fifth picture, with winter town.
Every time I think I can't possibly love this bb any more...
Oh, Pres. Medvedev xD
I also prefer black T-shirts!
"Medvedev has an eye for composition. And he's watching you from his window!"
LOL, this made my day ^^