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Photo Feature of the Week - Welcome to Ancient Rus!

This week we have scouted a fantastic two part feature from photographer makcomary . Behold, the mother of all reenactment fairs - GORODETSKOE GULBISHCHE 2009 - the third annual festival of Ancient Russian history and culture.


Part I - Saturday

Part II - Sunday

</center>This year the festival is located in the Podolsk district of Moscow region in the «Slavic Kremlin» on the river Rozhayka near the village Valischevo. The festival will open its doors for visitors from 10 to 12 July. Our festival is dedicated to ways of living and customs of ancient peoples of Russia and its neighbors in the IX-XI centuries (so-called “Viking age”)... Gorodetsky Gulbische is a living history festival, which means that any guest of the festival can become not just an eyewitness but also a party to the events of Russian history millennia ago. An extensive program of activities for the Festival includes the grand opening, the presentation of reenactment societies throughout Russia and its neighbors, the parade of the participants, permanent Early ages Field Camp, and the combatant fighting shows, historical and theatrical programs, concert of folk music, contests in historical costume and armor, tournaments of historical fencing, archery and master-classes on ancient crafts, the program popular games, horse riding, photographs in historic costumes with the participation of the audience.

The previous festival Gorodetsky Gulbische gathered over 750 participants from 37 cities of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and CIS. In the battlefield met around 300 soldiers, and it is the largest number of fighters in the history of the early festivals in Russia. The age of the participants varied from 2 to 70 years! The heroic spirit of military campaigns of Varangians, the romantic fleur of experimental archeology and history is of interest as to youth, and representatives from the older generation. One of the ideas of the festival is to propose an active family holiday with activities that will be of interest to all the members of the family. It is therefore expected to attract to the festival at least 5 thousand visitors, residents of Moscow and near suburbs, including children's educational excursion groups, as well as visitors and tourists from abroad. We are expecting reenactment societies from Denmark, Germany and Poland on our festival.

Visitors will be able to get to the festival as a part of tourist groups from Moscow and Podolsk, and independently by train or car. Between the festival and the nearest railway stations will be launched a shuttle route. During the festival a car parking area will be operating for those who would like to come by personal transport.

For visitors wishing to stay at the festival in a few days a campsite will be organized.

Welcome to the festival of early

History and Culture «Gorodetsky Gulbische 2009»


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